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Lotus Speech Helps

Rinpoche’s center in Kalimpong (near Lava) is a small quaint temple that supports 6 monks
and 2 nuns as well as a few hundred devout Sikkimese country folk. Their senior
lama, Lama Tsundro, now in his early 80’s, was a student of the previous
Changling Rinpoche.

Under Lama Tsundro’s tutelage, community members have turned their minds towards the
Buddhist path. The center is an important part of their daily lives, and even
during school holidays most of the student body and their parents attend
week-long retreats.

Rinpoche visited this center last November to bestow long-life empowerments and the
transmission of Vajrayogini coming from Rechungpa. Well over 400 pilgrims made
the trek to the center; many had journeyed by foot for three days or more.

I had the privilege of staying in the temple compound while attending the
empowerments. After three days it became quite apparent that the one and a half
very small outbuildings that accommodated eight monastics was clearly
inadequate. There were five people, and at times more, sleeping head to toe in
a 10 X 10 foot shed. Seeing this, I committed to helping to build better

In April of this year Lotus Speech gave $5,000 to initiate construction of a new
dormitory and kitchen. With progress well under way, it was determined that
another $5,000 was required to see the project through to completion. Thanks to
the compassionate and generous donations made by the Lotus Speech sangha, these
funds have been met. This devout community of practitioners will soon have the
facilities it needs to support its monks and nuns.

It is Changling Rinpoche’s wish to have 10 monks and 5 nuns who can continue their
training and practice to support the Rechungpa Lineage in this special
Monastery. To date, Lotus Speech sangha members have generously donated to
support 2 nuns and 3 monks for the year, but we need more help!

For $30/month you can support one monk or nun, this includes their clothing,
bedding and food. You will be sent a photo of who you are supporting and
updates on the building of the facility and practices there. If you would like
to contribute please email

Thank you Lotus Speech Canada!
Trevor Jones